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Artist: waterflocolors

life makes me relearn to see myself as a full-fledged Woman.  All the women around me then played a decisive role in this relearning.  Through my works I wanted to celebrate them, but also to praise sorority as an almost divine and mystical power.  Thus, I wanted to magnify all types of women, whether sensitive, powerful, dreamy, indomitable, or free ...

Like their image, their differences, I represent them in a unique way, each "Divine", because more than a celebration, my works are also a research on the singular character of each woman.  Each “Divine” is then stuck in the street, in small or large format.  In this way, I intend to question the place of women in the streets - an essentially masculine space - but also to make art accessible to as many people as possible.

Project: music is my best friend
Genre: Vinyl Art