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Artist: dmstff

dmstff …….. Manchester street artist.

I didn’t start out to be a street artist it just kind of happened. I have always loved graffiti. I was in Malaga one year and saw an exhibition featuring Obey , D Face and Herakut amongst many others. This is probably where the spark was ignited. These artists along with skateboarding and punk music were a massive influence on the development of my art. Other artists such as Picasso and Duchamp also had a big influence on my work.

I bought some markers from a graffiti shop and some “hello my name is….” stickers were in the pack. I wondered what these were for and then found out that people were making their own stickers. I started to make my own then discovered the 228 labels from the US. I then discovered the paste up. It was time to go bigger.

I have met some amazing people through street art and made some very good friends. I love the idea of sharing my work on the streets where anyone can see it . Through the network of other artists I have traded my work , so it can be seen all over the world. As well as myself putting theirs up for them so others can discover their work. I am always trying new ideas and techniques to develop my work.

Project: music is my best friend
Genre: Vinyl Art